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The True Ramen of Japan

Nao aims to be original based on authentic flavour. From the broth to the noodles, and even the chashu roast pork, it’s all home-made at Nao bringing you real Japanese Ramen.

Established in August 2003 on Murray Street in Perth City.

We celebrated our 18th anniversary in August 2021. Thank you for your patronage.

Side Menu

Homemade Gyoza:

Grilled Pork Dumpling

4pieces $5.80

Nao’s boiled egg



Octopus pieces deep-fried in a seasoned batter with Japanese BBQ sauce and Mayo. Including dried seaweed and sprinkled with Bonito flakes.

6pieces $8.80

Homemade Chicken Karaage:

Deep-fried Chicken


Ikageso Karaage

Deep fried Squid Tentacles


Okonomiyaki Stick :

Savoury Vegetable Pancake with Japanese BBQ sauce and Mayo. Including dried seaweed and sprinkled with Bonito flakes.


The prices may change without notice.
Takeaway container  from @$ 0.5

How we make our noodles.

We make fresh noodles every day!


1) Mix 2 types of wheat flour with egg and water to make a large ball of dough.

  Add chopped spinach for Green noodles, chili powder for Red noodles, or squid ink for Black noodles.a


2) Roll up and stretch dough carefully.


3) Cut the dough in half then combine the two halves and roll up again.

    Repeat this process a couple of times.


4) When the dough gets a springy texture to it, cut it and assort for one portion.


Q: Do you have any vegan options?

A: We are sorry but we don’t have a vegan menu. We have some menu items with just vegetable toppings without meat, however they are not suitable for a vegan diet due to the preparation style.

Q: Gluten- free?

A: We are sorry but we haven’t prepared a gluten- free option.

Q: Can we have a booking?

A: We don’t take any reservations because we have to be fair everybody. As we have to show you to your table when all members are gathered, please come together in your group.

Q: There is a long queue at lunch time, what time is the best?

A: There are often long queues at lunch time between 12 and 1pm, however if you are in a group of 2 or less you should still be able to easily find a table. More than 3 people, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to find a table during the busy lunch hours. After 2pm we can easily find you a table regardless of group size.